Costly Mistakes snail farmers make

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How lucrative is snail farming?

Snail farming is very lucrative no matter your country of origin unless in areas where they are forbidden, are you surprised to hear forbidden? Don’t be, there are places where snails are forbidden, and associating with it is a or rearing snails in those areas is a waste of resources.

snail farming

As much as snail farming is lucrative, it’s also very easy if you can put little effort into it.

How easy is snail farming?

I can assure you that if you do your proper planning well, snail farming is very easy. Snail is easy to rear and maintain. The big question, how many beginners actually do what they suppose to do before introducing their snails.

Many snail farmers fail because of so many avoidable mistakes, some of which in the long run prove to be costly. I have come across a situation where someone started snail farming just after watching an ads video. How long did he last? Not more than four months. Yes, it’s attractive sometimes but you shouldn’t just jump to it.

You are right about snail farming being easy to learn but a single video is not enough to acquire all the necessary knowledge you need unless it’s a comprehensive one.
Take time to learn before any other thing. Learn the behavior of snail, their nutrition, possible health challenges and solutions, environmental requirements, and lots more.

You can only set up a snail farm comfortably if you have the required knowledge.

Never you listen to those who will tell you “Set up and learn from your farm”
No that’s not how it works, you should at least know where you are going before embarking on a journey, you don’t learn by being a victim, you learn by making sure you are not a victim.

snail house

Here are a few mistakes snail farmers make especially when starting that ends up costly

These are avoidable mistakes that can make you a failure in snail farming if not avoided.

  • Poor planning You are heading for doom if you set up your snail farm without first planning it very well, it’s an obvious call for failure in snail farming, there is absolutely no need of starting without a good and realistic plan. Your plan should bear every necessary expense expected to make within the time frame of farming. For example, you can have a plan stating the amount you are willing to invest, this will be grouped into different parts, feeds maintenance, security if need be, and lots more.Your plan should also include your target, this helps you to checkmate your day to day activities and expenses, you will know when you are meeting up or edging toward loss.When we talk about planning, we refer to you making a holistic research and equating it with what is realistic to you considering every necessary determinant.
    A good plan is your first victory.
  • Starting bigStarting small is always good, you will learn along as your farm develops unless you are running the farm as co-operative or you have large capital that you can employ people to help out, you have no business starting large. Starting small gives you the time to manage and monitor your snail well, it helps you to determine how well you can perform on a large scale. Starting small reduces stress. Always start small and grow larger not the other way around.
  • Lack of record-keepingI visited a snail farmer in June 2018, on interaction, I found out that he had no record of his daily activities on the farm. Automatically he doesn’t know when he is beginning to run into a loss, keeping a record of your daily activities and expenses in the farm gives you time to know when things start going wrong, it helps to detect shortage and loss at an early time and avert it before it becomes an unsolvable problem.
  • Placing little or no value in mentorship No matter how you have trained yourself, as a beginner, you need a mentor, someone who will be there for you, someone who will direct you on relevant issues. This single point might look unnecessary but it is actually a big problem.You need an experienced person, when I say experienced, I mean someone who has been into snail farming or studied it much and has Good Practical Knowledge, there are times that what is obtainable in the farm is not always the same as what has been written in the books, these are time you need the mentor’s experience for whatever you may face in the farm, such person has faced before. Mentorship matters.
  • Lack of patienceI guess you will be asking what does he even mean, well this is one of the biggest problems facing so many snail farmers. Snail isn’t like every other animal, they need your time before you even think of setting up your units (snail house) make sure you have taken time to study snail farming, you can do this through training, learning from someone who is into snail farming, or reading intensively about snail. The bottom line is to be patient enough to get yourself acquainted with all you need to know before eventually starting.
snail eating

Lastly, I want to advise any intending snail farmer, you have to be ready to always learn, mistakes must surely come but your ability to be flexible will help you a lot, am not trying to scare you, dear, obviously not, I don’t want you to fail reason why you need every guidance you can get.

Snail rearing is actually fun if you understand it very well. In our next post, we will be talking about factors to consider before setting up your snail farm, we hope it will help you make better decisions.
Conclusively, we don’t know what has been your fear as a beginner or an intending snail farm, you can share with us in the comment section below, we will be there to assist you.


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