Factors to consider before setting up your snail farm

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Snail farming is simpler than most persons think, what has been people’s problem is not doing what they suppose to do before going into snail farming.

From my experience, most people go into snail farming because they heard its profitable, some because they do it for leisure, some because they seem to find snail around their area so they found pleasure in keeping them.

Whichever reason you are going into snail farming for, it should be done only when you acquire the necessary knowledge else you risk failing.

snail farming

Snail farming is quite different from other aspects of animal husbandry. It requires understanding the behaviors of a snail, how they respond to climatic changes, feeding patterns and food types, possible health challenges and solutions, environmental requirements, and so on.

All these contribute to what one should look out for before starting a snail farm.

Here we will discuss the factors to consider before starting your snail farm

These factors are based on our findings, experiences, and reports from visits to different snail farms. The first one to consider is Environmental factors

Factors to consider before setting up your snail farm

  • Environmental factors
  • Soil type
  • Security
  • Consider your target Market
  • Expected cost: “As a beginner, you should be looking to start little and expand as your farm grows. Don’t just jump into a large scale unless you have the required resources to manage it, you already know, you need workers if you must engage in large scale snail farming but for this work, we advise you start in a small note and grow with time.” The above is a quote from our previous post, the good time about starting small is that it gives you enough time to manage things and not get overwhelmed, if you are to start small which we encourage you to do, you have to put down all your expected cost, write every necessary thing down before stepping out to buy anything. If you are going for a large scale, make sure you put everything down too.Keeping record of your daily activities (especially income and expenses) is a good practice in animal production, it aids in monitoring your farm activities, determining growth and loss. Now take, for instance, you want to start with 100 snails, you have to put it down, write the possible cost of each based on your findings that’s if you are going to buy from the market, off course some get theirs from neighboring bushes, the more you document your activities, the better you go. Always keep a record of your activities on the farm.
  • How to source for snail
snail farm

I must make it clear that considering these factors before setting up your farm isn’t a guarantee that u will do well, these are preparatory measures that will position you for growth. Your decision and how well you carry out your day to day activities on the farm after setting up your farm play a key role in the growth of your farm.


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