A complete guide to Snail egg hatching

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Snail egg hatching is an important stage in snail farming, without the eggs, you won’t have snail farming continuity, so for your farm to survive the test of time, you need the eggs to hatch and produce young snails.

In this article, we are going to discuss How to hatch your snail eggs, How to prepare your Incubator for the hatching of your snail eggs, How to know when the snails will be hatched. What food to give your new snails after they are hatched and the difference between hatching and incubation.

First of all, let’s understand what snail egg hatching really mean

What is Snail egg hatching?

Snail egg hatching is the process by which snails comes out of its egg by breaking the shell, it is the birth of a new snail through the breaking of the container eggshell by the new snail or simply the giving birth of a new snail by breaking the eggshell by the newly birthed snail (the baby snail).

Forget long English, we all know farmers don’t like that, what this snail egg hatching means is just snail coming out of the egg, just like in chicken, you normally see them come out of the eggs right? It’s the same with snail.

Look at the picture below, you will see snail coming out of the egg, that is hatching.

Hatching of snail eggs

If you notice, your snails lay eggs anywhere and after, they try to cover it with sand right?  that’s the nature of snail and Snail lay eggs differently when it comes to land and aquatic snails. The land snails put the eggs on the soil or sometimes inside it, while aquatic snails put the eggs above the waterline in the aquarium.

So, Land snails like the AM and AA lay their eggs in different places they find comfortable and safe for their eggs, it is therefore not advisable to move the eggs to a different location but in cases where the eggs are laid on the same place as where the mature snails stay, it is risky to leave them (for incubation) on the same location.

You can either move the eggs to a different location, preferably, a new pen or pack the eggs with the sand on which it is laid to a different location in the same pen (preferably the edge of the pen), this way, the eggs are safe.

Before guiding you through the hatching processes in the snail, another important term I think we need to explain to you is Incubation, We will do so by looking at the difference between Incubation of snail eggs and hatching of snail eggs.

Difference between Incubation of snail eggs and Hatching of snail eggs.

Incubation has been mistaken as hatching over time, though mostly by non-farmers, it is worthy to note that they are not the same but hatching is a part of incubation and the last product of the whole incubation processes.

Incubation involves keeping the snail eggs under a favorable condition to hatch young, it encompasses any process targeted at developing the life within the snail eggIncubation in snail allows for hatching; it involves the development of the embryo within the egg under favorable condition 

Snail egg hatching as explained above is the process by which snails (baby snails) comes out of its egg by breaking the shell of the egg they have been in. it is the breaking and coming out of the eggshell by the baby snail that has lived inside the egg before their formation and laying. 

Lets deep into hatching of snail eggs

Hatching of snail eggs is a delicate process and requires extreme care, though Not much is required of you as a snail farmer, for the process to take place you must make sure of the required conditions for hatching to be successful. Here are the conditions necessary for hatching to be successful. 

Hatching of snail eggs

The condition necessary for successful hatching of your snail eggs are:

  • For hatching to be successful, the soil has to be in a certain condition, the soil must be moderately wet. 
  • You must not overcrowd the pen, depending on the size of the pen, you have to think about the possibility of the snails being comfortable after hatching, will space be enough for the snails if all the snail eggs you packed in one pen hatches?
  • The pen should be covered to avoid insect or other animals from destroying the eggs.
  • The eggs should be handled carefully and not with bare hands.
  • The snail’s eggs should not be kept in an airtight pen. 

With all that rightly stated, Below is how you can hatch your snail eggs

How can I hatch snail eggs at home?

  • Prepare moderately wet soil in a new pen (Most preferably a new pen, this is because the eggs won’t be disturbed while they are incubation, after hatching too, they won’t need to compete with older snails for space).
  • Make sure the soil is not too wet; you can test the wetness of the soil by packing some quantity of the soil with your hand, fold your hands and open it, if the soil molds (producing the shape of your hand), throw it up if it scatters in your hands, it means the soil is moderately wet and OK for incubation (this is from practical experience).
  • After testing the soil and its OK (Moderately wet), open the soil (how large the opening is should depend on the number of eggs you want to incubate), the opening should not be deep, but the eggs and cover it shallowly with soil, do not pour too much soil on it, (if cover deeply, hatched snails will find it hard to make it out of the soil, this may cause the death of snails).
  • Cover the pen to prevent other animals from entering inside the pen. The eggs will hatch by itself by breaking the shells allowing the snails to come out.

Here is a video representation of snail egg hatching

Video explanation of snail egg hatching

watch as the egg hatch and the new snail comes out of the broken egg shell

How to track the hatching progress of your snail eggs

If you want to track the hatching progress which I believe you would, make sure to write down the date and number of egg in the hatchery, hatching takes place between 20 to 40 days depending on the species and the conditions available for hatching, this way you can predict the hatching progress.

A lot of time we have seen people ask questions about “How long it takes for snail eggs to hatch”, here is my answer.

Hatching of snail eggs
snail eggs

How long do snail eggs take to hatch?

Hatching in snail takes from one week to two weeks and sometimes up to three or four weeks depending on the species of snail and the environmental condition of the hatching area (How conducive and suitable the soil is for hatching). Some land snails can hatch a day after laying the eggs. 

Another constant question we have come across is about how many eggs snail lays

How  many eggs do snails lay?

A Garden snail lays 80 to 100 eggs, An African Land snails layover 100 to 200 eggs, The number of eggs a snail lays is depended on the species of snail and the condition under which it is being managed. A well-managed snail can lay up to 150 eggs to 200 eggs, sometimes even more whereas a poorly managed snail may not lay up to 60 eggs.

snail egg
snail laying eggs

Conclusively, hatching is an important aspect of your farm, it should be handled carefully, your snail eggs should be handled with care while they are transported to the hatching unit, the snail eggs should be buried in the soil but with little soils, this is to make it easier for the new snails to exist the soil after hatching.


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